Kifaru International SuperTarp
Kifaru International SuperTarp

Kifaru International SuperTarp

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The Supertarp is truly a solo hunters “home away from home”, giving you enough floor space for any amount of gear.  The basic shelters are open at the front for 3 season use.

Best uses: Solo hunters wanting a bit more room, two persons going with the minimalist approach

Weight: Canopy only – 17.6 oz.  (Pegs are no longer included due to sourcing delays. Requires 20 pegs of your choosing for optimal performance)
– Highly wind resistant (60 mph+) and water proof, regardless of configuration.
– Guy-out points to help add usable interior space
– Can be pitched as a flat tarp or shelter

– Flat Dimensions: 12′ 2″ long x 9′ 2″ wide front x 6′ 5″ wide back
– Pitched Dimensions:
– length: 11′ (13′ with annex)
– Front width: 68 in. Height: 52″
– Rear width: 56 in. Height: 26″

Pitching options:

– Ideally suited for use with available materials (tree branches, trekking poles,etc)
– Can be pitched with optional Peg and Pole kit
– Open front allows you to build a fire or use one of our stoves
– Overhead eave helps keep the drips out

Seam Sealing

Seam sealer is included, and sealing is done by the customer in order to save costs and expedite your shelter.
1. Pitch your shelter tight to allow sealer to penetrate and waterproof the stretched seams, stitch holes and thread.
2. Fabric should be clean and dry (this sealer claims to cure in wet or damp conditions). Use a paper cup, mix sealant and mineral spirit (paint thinner) until you have a slurry about the thickness of molasses. Using a 1/2″ inch paint brush, apply to all sewn areas, seams, bartacks and holes. *Do not place seam sealer on the zipper teeth. This will cause you problems down the road.
3. Curing: leave the tent pitched until the sealant is not tacky, the longer the better. Fully cures in 24 hours but dries tack free in about 30 minutes to 1 hour.