Kifaru International EDC Pack Belt

Kifaru International EDC Pack Belt

Kifaru International
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PALS panels on the belts offer more pouch attachments.
We classify our packs by suspension design, letting you optimize your pack for your hunt.  Each title is suggestive of its attributes, and all adhere rigorously to our principles of comfort, stability, versatility, and durability.  

There is no weight limit on any of our packs – if you can lift and carry the load, the pack will perform in relative comfort. Omni Suspension packs are sold without a waistbelt. Add one of two optional waistbelts for added comfort and stability.

EDC Belt: Single Delta Strap

Compatible with:

  • Antero
  • Shape Charge
  • Checkpoint
  • Door Gunner
  • 14’r

Belt Sizes:

  • Small Belt (28" - 33")
  • Medium Belt (34" - 38'")
  • Large Belt (39"+)

(100% proceeds from the sale of Kifaru International EDC Pack Belts will go to Queensland Remote Area Tracking)