Kifaru International Field Quiver - 1000D Deluxe
Kifaru International Field Quiver - 1000D Deluxe
Kifaru International Field Quiver - 1000D Deluxe
Kifaru International Field Quiver - 1000D Deluxe

Kifaru International Field Quiver - 1000D Deluxe

Kifaru International
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A modular American made field quiver that you can customise based on your shooting needs.  

  • A fully ambidextrous design and included removable leg strap will work for most shooters and tournaments.  
  • Arrow pocket has two sewn-in webbing loops for isolating arrows or holding onto a lube tube.  
  • Zippered pocket keeps important items from going AWOL and runs the full length of the molle panel.  
  • Tabs on the belt channel will keep rangefinders and release chalk bags out of the way.
  • 1" D-rings sewn on both sides will make having your membership cards and arrow pullers easy to access.
  • Velcro on the inside of the belt channel will keep your quiver from wandering around and lock onto our Small and Large quiver belts.  
  • The quiver belts are reinforced with Scuba webbing to keep the belt from collapsing over time and keep the quiver flat against your hip.  To adjust the quiver belt, insert 3-4 arrows through the channel to release the Velcro.
  • Molle field is standard 1/5" x 6 columns x 4 strips and will work with any of our Belt pouches, Organizer pockets, or Water bottle pouches.  
  • The Deluxe version comes with a Gen 2 Water bottle pouch and Gen 2 Mini Belt pouch of the same colour.  
  • 1000d construction means this quiver will last many years of use with field points, blunts, judos and bunny busters but will not work for broadheads.


  • Field Quiver Panel: 10" / 25cm w x 16" / 40cm h
  • Zippered pocket: 10" / 25cm x 10" x 25cm
  • Belt loop opening: 2 1/4"


  • Quiver Panel: 6.4oz / .18kg
  • Quiver Panel with Belt: 12oz / .34kg
  • Quiver Panel, Belt, Gen 2 Mini belt Pouch, and Gen 2Water Bottle Pouch: 1 lb 2.4oz / .52kg
  • PALS grid (4 x 6 channels) accepts a multitude of Molle or Dock and Lock pockets, including our water bottle pouches, and belt pouches.
  • Includes optional leg strap.

 Field Quiver Belt - Small - Large:  32"- 42"

Reinforced with 14" of Scuba webbing, this belt will lock onto the Field quiver in both right and left-hand configurations.  Sizing is a bit different from garment belts, the shooter should account for clothing when choosing a size.  To release the quiver from Velcro, pass 3-4 arrows through the belt channel to release the Velcro.  Remove the male buckle and move to desired side or distance.  Remove the arrows and the Velcro will re-seat.  Any 2" wide or thinner belt with loop Velcro sewn on the outside will work with our quiver.