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Welcome to the First Edition of Pathfinder Outdoors Dispatch.

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 Pathfinder Outdoors is proudly... Australian Veteran Owned and Operated

We are the proud owner of Pathfinder Outdoors which was founded in 2020 as an online one-stop-shop with the vision to be Australia’s most accessible supplier of quality archery, hunting and outdoor gear.  Our collection is a result of only accepting the best partnerships with companies such as Australian Warfighter CoffeeKifaru InternationalRMSGearSafari TuffSelway ArcherySENTINELSWAZITuffhead Broadheads and TYTO Knives.

We are both born and bred in North Queensland and have a genuine passion for all aspects of the outdoors whether it be sports, hunting or hiking.  Al having served 9 years Infantry Service with the Australian Defence Force and Karen having served 15 years with the Queensland Police Service, has made for a solid combination of courage, determination and integrity for us to bring Pathfinder Outdoors to fruition. 

Our aim with Pathfinder Outdoors is to provide a seamless experience to you the consumer in getting you outdoors with quality gear, and also  catering for everyone’s needs and wants, regardless of geographical location, experience, and background. We will make a commitment to be there to help you every step of the way of your Pathfinder journey.

We are also the proud creators of Operation ‘Solider Green’.  Operation ‘Soldier Green’ was established as a platform to run concurrently with our Bush Brew coffee, which is partnered with another Veteran owned company, Australian Warfighter Coffee. For every bag of Bush Brew coffee sold we aim to give back via donations to the veteran and emergency service community and to further help provide continued awareness of PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  Click on Operation ‘Solider Green’ for more information.  

As a veteran owned and operated business, like our past roles, reputation and integrity is of upmost importance to us. Our personal core values of Family, Integrity, Courage and Determination are also the core values of which we will in still within Pathfinder Outdoors.  Caring for our family, friends, partners, and you the consumer, will always be at the forefront of everything we do.  We will always do what we say we are going to do, and we will never give up no matter how hard it gets.  

With that in mind, like you, we love to seek new adventures and enjoy the simple things in life, particularly in the outdoors.  

We hope you will support Pathfinder Outdoors, and we welcome feedback so that we can continue improve and grow. 

... #never stop wandering ...


We are proud and humbled to be able to partner with renowned companies from here in Australian and around the globe such as Kifaru InternationalTYTO KnivesAustralian Warfighter CoffeeSentinelSafari TuffSelway ArcheryTuffhead BroadheadsRMSGear and SWAZI.


In each edition of Pathfinder Outdoors Dispatch, you will find articles and stories that will be published under Pathfinder Outdoor Memoirs. Tales of the outdoors, hunting adventures and the story about the 'one that got away', is what we aim to publish in each dispatch.  Do you have a great story that you would like to share? Contact Us as we'd love to hear about it and share with our Pathfinder Outdoors community. 

This Months Feature Storey: 'Warhog x 2'  by: Alan Kidner



Our Pathfinder Outdoors Logo, in our opinon, is exceptional artwork that has been created by Joel Pilcher.  What better way to show off such artistic talent by creating our own Pathfinder Outdoors Logo Merchandise. Future designs are already in the making, but in the meantime, we are super excitied and proud with our Logo.

To get your Pathfinder Outdoors Apparel shop here.








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